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09 March 2012

lomo camera

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Item Name : Basic Lomo Film Camera in Plastic Case - Limited Stock

Details : Is this a Camera Casing ? No ! We are now selling the Camera as well as the plastic casing at that superbly affordable price below ! So grab it now while stocks last.. Limited quantity !

This is a Lomo Film Camera, while all of us seem to be immersed in the era of Digital cameras, we seem to forget the fun of taking pictures without knowing the outcome in the minute iteself. This is a basic Lomo camera, yet it can bring back the memories of getting your photos processed before knowing the outcome of a take !

If you are a photo taking enthusiast, this camera is surely a thing to go for, though it does not boast any technological advanced functions, it surely has the essence of what phototaking is about.

Camera Specifications :
- Uses Film
- Basic Camera Functions
( No Zoom in function )

Colour : Follow the Menu

Code : A00025

Price : RM60 include postage - LIMITED Stock !!!

Best used with Jellylens - For the Lomo effects =)

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